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Robert Murphy wonders whether quantitative easing has ever worked.

John Taylor provides a handy reference guide to his recent empirical work investigating the American economy since the dawn of what they all call "The Great Recession." To answer Robert Murphy's question, above: "No."

David Friedman reports that his family's three-generation-long attempt to breed musical ability into an unmusical family has been successful. I say he's failed to rule out nurture, since mothers obviously play a role in a child's musical nurturing, but in either case, this should give the tone deaf some hope.

Lubos Motl covers the recent emigeration of US residents to locales with lower tax rates. That is, Americans are leaving America in search of lower tax rates. This should strike a blow to the argument that open borders is about a claque of elitists seeking to gain from cheap labor (ha ha, conspiracy theory).

Not really news, but public education sucks. Today's example is this story about how public schools fail to provide the basics of learning computer coding to kids. I'm not sure coding should be an important part of primary school, but if you disagree with me, then this story is for you. (HT: Kids Prefer Cheese)

There is now a saliva test for boys with mild depression, to measure the probability that they will develop major depression.

This headline is a major misnomer. The prank didn't "go wrong," the prank went just fine, it's just that the homeowner was batshit crazy and opened fire on a crowd of kids. That said, it is deeply disturbing that this man is charged with terrorism. Now anyone is a terrorist.

Elephants reassure and console each other.

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