Steve Sailer Just Makes Stuff Up

Steve Sailer is in the habit of making stuff up out of thin air. I've mentioned this before - see here and here. But if you still think I'm wrong, consider some additional evidence.

Exhibit A - Writing on Bryan Caplan's reaction to the recent Swiss anti-immigration vote, he says:
And, you’ll notice, not only are the Swiss having second thoughts about Inviting the World, for centuries they have failed to shoulder any of the burden of Invading the World.

I say, this unacceptable Swiss majority vote just proves that it's time to put Victoria Nuland and the rest of the Kagans in charge of having the National Endowment of Democracy pay for a Color Revolution in Switzerland. There are probably some bored soccer hooligans in Switzerland who wouldn't mind a grant to camp out downtown for the Swiss Spring and battle the riot police in the name of Democracy.

And if that doesn’t work, well we tried to destroy nativism peacefully, but there are limits to our patience. So, let the drone strikes begin.
I'm not an idiot. I get that he's attempting to be "funny," but where does this stuff about drone strikes come from? Any clues? Has any immigration movement ever resorted to that kind of violence in order to get what they want?

But let's stick to the point. I'm not writing to argue with Sailer about immigration. I'm here to call him out on the fact that he likes to just make stuff up. It is, for lack of a more appropriate term, bullshit, and it's time we demanded more from people who proclaim themselves to be "journalists."

Exhibit B - Two days ago, he wrote:
The notion that maybe, after 116 years it's getting toward time for Puerto Rico to stand on its own two feet simply doesn't come up in 21st Century thinking.
Really, Steve Sailer? It doesn't come up at all? Like, it didn't come up here (Jan. 26, 2014), or here (Jan. 28, 2014), or here (Jan. 27, 2014), or here (Jan. 22, 2014), or... well, you get the picture.

Sailer cannot simply rest his arguments on facts and reasoning; that is really the only explanation for his pervasive tendency to just make shit up off the top of his head.

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