Diabetes And Migraines

A rather interesting piece of news came out today.

When I first began acquiring diabetes, a string of very strange things happened to my body. Most of these were eventually explained by my diagnosis, but a few of them remained mysteriously unexplained. Now, thanks to research, one of those mysteries may have been solved.

It all happened at work one day when I suddenly experienced a terrible ocular migraine. Ocular migraines themselves are common enough, except that I had never had one ever before, had never even heard of them, and didn't know anyone in my family who had ever had one, either.

Today, we learn that deficiencies in certain vitamins are correlated with migraines. Among the deficiencies is one in Coenzyme Q10, which has long been known to be correlated with better blood glucose control among diabetics.

Could it be that diabetes somehow contributes to deficiencies in coenzyme Q10, much as it does with calcium?

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