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  • Pushy parents make their children prone to depression.
  • This is interesting: A simple sugar called mannose is not susceptible to dietary intake; i.e., even if you eat a big piece of cake, your blood mannose levels shouldn't rise, even though your overall blood sugar certainly will. Anyway, a new study indicates that higher than normal blood mannose levels indicate type 2 diabetes risk. So they are getting more accurate at testing blood sugar now.
  • I'm not a betting man, but this article suggests to me that Conor McGregor may lose his rematch with Nate Dias. Why do I say so? Because he's still blaming peripheral things like "diet" for his loss, when it's obvious that he let his guard down and got caught by a surprise hit. His ego is as large as ever despite effectively losing the match to a single punch. Oh, Conor.
  • Microsoft loses a $10,000 case over the compulsory Windows 10 upgrade. The woman's experience with Microsoft customer service roughly reflects my own: First they try to deny your claims, then they make a calculated judgment to determine whether fighting back will cost them more money than simply giving in. If I had one piece of advice to consumers, it's: Don't give up at the first attempt with Microsoft customer service.
  • Here's an interesting fact I didn't know, found in this article about some considerations for running a marathon in the desert:
If traveling by airplane, drink water or sports drink during the flight. They started serving drinks in airplanes because they recognized early on that going up in the plane, at altitude, is dehydrating. The longer your flight, the more dehydrated you can become.

  •  This article on the health impacts of artificial light is interesting, even if I'm not sure about all the claims it makes.

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