Better Access to Health Care in Canada?

The answer is a resounding NO.

I have said many times that the Canadian health care system offers patience a guaranteed visit. That is no guarantee that you will receive the health care that you actually need. The Montreal Gazette confirms this to be the case:
Nicole Valcourt claims that if her uterine cancer had been treated faster by three Montreal Island hospitals, it wouldn't have spread to her liver and intestines and be killing her now.
The 55-year-old mother and wife is suing the McGill University Health Centre, the Dorval-Lachine-LaSalle Health and Social Services Centre and the Notre Dame Hospital of the University of Montreal Hospital Centre for $670,000 because, she claims, she was bounced from one to the other until it was too late.
Ms. Valcourt is suing, and every Canadian in the country should be glad that she is, in hopes that her suit will help permanently reform the system.


  1. My neighbors returned home to treat breast cancer because the wait for treatment here in Canada was unacceptable. Our system has failed them.

    I wish I was hopeful that Ms Valcourt's suit would change the system, but I think our whole system of government needs reform first. Failing that, fixing healthcare is arranging deck chairs.

  2. It was a similar suit in 2005 that established that Canadians could not be prevented from paying for service. Every increment is a positive step toward getting bureaucrats out of our health care system.