Let The Hypocrisy Begin

I'm out of town today. During my drive out of town, I switched on some good old-fashioned conservative AM talk-radio, for kicks. I caught some quasi-conservative Ottawa-area radio host, followed by Glenn Beck, followed by Rush Limbaugh. (Hey, it was a long drive.)

So far, everyone is lamenting the downgraded credit rating news. S&P seems to have deflated North America's collective ego. What I think is happening is that everyone has been caught in what they know to be a lie. You can't spend your way out of a recession. You can't just sign a bill that says the government will run health care and expect all the money to just magically materialize out of thin air, somehow. You can't just wage a 30-year war against the various peoples of the Middle East and expect to have unlimited funds with which to do this.

The spoiled, rotten children of US political punditry are now demonstrating all the class and dignity of a four-year-old child who has just been told he cannot have a chocolate bar at the grocery store.

The really funny thing about all of this is observing the extent to which the pundits are completley hypocritical. Some nice examples:
  • The Canadian host spoke at length about how Canada was too far in debt, and the size of its government needed to shrink... and then promptly called for greater military spending.
  • Glenn Beck predicted race riots in the near future, in the United States, and part of his reasoning was that he expected people to start blaming white people for something. (Get it? He's inciting racial conflict in an attempt to warn against racial conflict. QED!)
  • Rush Limbaugh repeated ad nauseum that Barack Obama has been systematically "engineering" the demise of the country, using - among other things - irresponsible levels of spending; But Limbaugh of course supports American wars whenever and wherever they take place.. unless Clinton did it... or whatever.
I mean, no one can really even keep track of this stuff anymore. It doesn't make any sense. This is precisely why I started Stationary Waves in the first place. What all of these jokers are lacking is a consistent moral philosophy governing their thoughts.

I have said before that political parties don't have ideologies. They are basically soulless, soul-sucking entities hell-bent on power.

What I heard today demonstrates that well enough. But you should hear these guys when they talk about "a world without America at the helm." I mean, if that doesn't give the whole game away, I don't know what does. These guys want "America" to control the entire known universe.

What we need is a little more libertarianism. Power is for dictators. Peace and free trade is the only lasting form of social organization.

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