Let's All Eat Insects

One of the best examples I can think of that illustrates the extreme eco-left's penchant for plunging us back into the Stone Age is the fact that some people are dead-set on having us eat bugs rather than meat.

The Atlantic reports on all the action.

There is one minor sticking point in all of this. Human beings stopped eating bugs and started eating meat for a reason. What do you suppose that reason is? My theory is utility. Meat tastes better than bugs. Meat smells better when roasted over a fire. Meat can serve a dual purpose in that livestock animals can also be used for secondary purposes, such as milk, cheese, leather, glue, fabric, and so forth.

I don't fault the free market for attempting to appeal to the eccentric tastes of the few. More power to bug-eaters for availing themselves of a cheap resource. More power to bug farmers for figuring out how to sell agricultural waste to willing consumers for a profit.

But as people continue to urge us to eat more bugs, we would be well advised to pose the question once in a while? Why do people want to encourage us to eat bugs?

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