Puke If You Do, Puke If You Don't

This morning it's a race.

I woke up with an absolutely treacherous case of the flu. My blood sugar was high, and I needed to eat something to try to make my headache go away. So I staggered to the store (we were out of groceries), picked up some breakfast food, came back home and luckily my saintly wife cooked some oatmeal and caffe latte for me. Delicious!

But. Within moments of my first bite, I knew that if I continued to eat, I'd be sick. The only problem is that I had already injected my insulin.

Fun fact: One of the symptoms of hypoglycemia is nausea and vomiting. So now as I type this, I slowly munch on my oatmeal to try to prevent hypoglycemia (read: puking), in ever-present fear that the next bite is going to send me over the edge and the flu will get me (read: puking).

Which one do you think will happen first: Puking from hypogycemia, or puking from the flu? It's a race!

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