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Are Government Jobs Productive? That is the question posed in my latest Mises Daily article, published this morning. The piece focuses on the impact of government spending and the non-neutrality of money on privately held capital available for investment.
Whether you agree or disagree with Dr. Paul's claim that government jobs are "not productive," the extent to which you agree provides valuable insight into the extent to which you buy into the mainstream, Keynesian view of money in the macroeconomy.
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  1. Isn't the math as easy as this. Government jobs are paid with tax money. Therefore, if government is 100% efficient (try not to laugh), there is a net zero move in the economy (the money used to pay these people was already earned). Now since government is most definitely NOT 100% productive these jobs actually have a net negative impact on the economy. Right? That's how I got to the same place Ron Paul is at all on my own.