Health Care Retrospective

I don't want to be overly dramatic, but I do see tomorrow's ruling on the ObamaCare law as being an incredibly momentous day in US history. Pundits have written a great deal on this already, and I don't have too much more to add.

What I will say is that the ruling on this law will define exactly what the nature and scope of the Legislative branch of government is, and how our government can relate to its own citizens. On the one hand, you have the view that anything that may whatsoever be termed "commerce" - specifically by people who oppose free, unregulated commerce - can be regulated ad infinitum by the federal government. On the other hand, you have the view that there are at least some limits to what the government can do.

How omnipotent is your god? I am not sure whether Ludwig von Mises himself coined the term "statolatry," but I consider it a good descriptor for the view held by many, that governments have the power to simply issue a decree against an evil, and it will magically disappear.

Statolatrists often counter, "But what would you do instead, Ryan?" The answer is nothing. It may surprise some people to discover that not every evil in the world has a corresponding policy solution. You can't have everything you want. Wants are unlimited, resources are scarce.

Besides, most (all?) of these "policy solutions" are nothing more than crony capitalism wearing the garb of progressivism. This means that all of those laws and regulations governing health care are driven by special interests and political friends. This is true of both Democrats and Republicans, your favorite politician included.

Of course, as I have stated many times, evidence does not matter to the Holy Church of the Omnipotent Government. People want socialized medicine. They just want it! But they want it, Mom! Mom, they waaaaant it!!!! And that's where the discussion ends. Period.


When the Supreme Court heard the case, I stated: "I will, furthermore, take a ruling in favor of Obamacare as my signal to start buying gold at virtually any price." This is because the US government is fiscally insolvent and cannot afford a new batch of welfare spending, no matter how much the rich are taxed. (Really - run the numbers. There is not enough wealth held by the rich in the United States to pay off the debt and finance new welfare spending, even at a 100% tax rate.) Additional healthcare spending means nothing short of monetary collapse. It's not if, it's when - look at Greece. We'll know how that pans out tomorrow, I suppose.

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  1. An attempt to sell your personal responsibilities to the state will result in the powerful exploiting you.