You Can't Always Get What You Want

Why do people have such ridiculous reactions to desires like food, etc.? It seemingly can't just be that pizza is delicious and people like to eat delicious things. It has to be that pizza is impossible to say no to, so therefore you have to keep it away from you at all costs! It's bizarre.

When people eat sweets in front of me, they often act like they feel sorry for me because I "have to sit there and watch" them eat sweets without being able to eat them myself. I honestly don't understand why people think like this. I don't care if they eat sweets, and I would love to have some sweets myself, but I'm not tortured by it. It's just sweets.

I don't care. I would also like to buy a brand new Jaguar convertible and drive it from the tip of Alaska all the way down to the tip of Argentina. I would like to sell three certified platinum albums and tour the world a few times. I'd like to invent a cure for cancer and write a world famous economic treatise. I'd like to travel throughout outer space.

There are hundreds of things I want, but cannot have. On that list, food ranks pretty low. 

But more importantly, I am comfortable with the fact that I might not ever be able to have some of the most coveted items on that list. Why on earth would it torture me that I cannot have some things that I really, really want? Are people that uncomfortable with things they can't have?  Are we all four-year-olds?

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