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Birds made up just 12 per cent of all animals killed, possibly because their ability to fly helped to keep them out of harm's way, the biologist told a meeting of the Ecological Society of America.
-- What would we do without biologists?
The remarkable feature of China is that despite the private sector's disadvantages in credit markets, it has advanced and outgrown the privileged state sector. Perhaps, one day, we will see what it can accomplish on a level playing field.
 -- From Paul Gregory, via a hat tip to David Henderson
After adjusting for demographics, blood pressure, waist circumference, smoking status and lipid levels, the researchers found that normal weight individuals were twice as likely to die from diabetes than overweight/obese people. They also found that older adults and non-white participants were more likely to develop normal-weight Type 2 diabetes.
-- ...but I wonder what role misdiagnosis played? Late-onset Type 1 diabetics are often misdiagnosed as being Type 2.

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