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It was a surprising workout I received from my personal trainer last week, one involving an enormous emphasis on triceps and shoulders, and incorporating balance exercises the likes of which I have never previously attempted. It was tough stuff, but the combination movements and absence of any intra-exercise rest made for an appealling and difficult workout.

As I mentioned last time, these workouts are a bit of an advanced course. The trainers are throwing the book at me and watching what sticks. They laugh about it now. During last week's session, one trainer jokingly called out to mine, "Take it easy on that one..." Both laughed.

But, I am still seeing results, and therefore I am going to continue on and see where it takes me. I will also continue to post my workouts here, in case any of you would like to "follow along."

This Week's Workout:
Three repetitions of the following super-set:
  • Double Medicine Ball Push-Ups: Get in push-up position with your toes on a medium-sized medicine ball and one hand on a small-sized medicine ball. Do one push-up; then, roll the medicine ball from one hand to the other. Do twelve such push-ups.
  • Variety Push-Ups on Inverted Bosu: Get in push-up position with your feet on the floor and your hands on an upside-down bosu. Bend one leg and hold it underneath your body, with your torso twisted; do five push-ups. Move the leg behind you and raise it up in the air; do five push-ups. Move the leg to the side, perpendicular to your body; do five push-ups. Switch legs and repeat.
  • One-Legged Squat-Hold on Inverted Bosu: Hold for 30 seconds in the "down" position of a one-legged squat, with your foot on an inverted bosu. Switch legs and repeat.
  • Iron Cross on Inverted Bosu: Holding a pair of hand weights and standing on an upside-down bosu, go into the "down" squat position as you move both arms straight out in front of you. As you go into the "up" position, move both arms straight out to each side. Repeat ten times.
  • Clapping Push-Ups: Do ten clapping push-ups. If possible, clap your hands to your shoulders, rather than clapping your hands together.
Once you've been through that super-set three times, do thirty-seconds each of standard box-jumps and box-lunges.

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