Sometimes Good Ideas Don't Take

Coming up with ideas is a skill that gets better with practice. Those of us who regularly come up with ideas (set aside the question of whether any of them are good ideas for now) know that it's not really about being the world's most brilliant or creative person. It pretty much comes down to the idea of getting into the habit of coming up with stuff. Not a big deal.

Even if you come up with a brilliant idea, there is no guarantee that it will be adopted by others.

For that matter, there is no guarantee that you will adopt your brilliant ideas yourself. So it goes with one of my better ideas, that I unfortunately did not really adopt: Project Guitar God.

Sometimes, the reason an idea doesn't stick is because its time hasn't yet come. In hopes that this is the case for PGG, I would like to provide a quick guide to my previous Guitar Exercises of the Week. Perhaps with greater dedication, I can make some better headway on this.
 Work on these in your spare time, and perhaps we can add to the list!

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