Assorted Analogies

  • A career is like a windmill; you'll only be productive when there is change in the air.
  • Life is like a telephone; the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.
  • Women are like poetry; the most exciting ones are new, the most inspiring are old, and the ones that can tell a good story are simply epic.
  • Ambition is like a stamp collection; For the most part, it's only really interesting to you.
  • Vanity is like pie; the biggest mouth indulges the most.
  • Truth is like sunlight; a little lifts the spirits, a lot of it warms the heart, too much burns.
  • The creative spirit is like a hot rod; endless fine-tuning produces a masterpiece.
  • Politics is like a pork farm; so much filth and noise to produce something that only rots us from the inside.
  • Happiness is like a cup of coffee; wait, not like. Just is.
  • Children are like stars, twinkling, sparkling, bringing light to the darkest moments, pointing us in the right direction.
  • Life is like a cubic zircon; it doesn't take something exceptional to be beautiful.
  • Men are like raindrops; one or two can be charming, but more than that and you're all wet.
  • Knowledge is like riding a bicycle; without a little legwork, you'll never get anywhere. The most difficult part is building up a good momentum. Once you do, you can really get going without a lot of effort. The moment you stop trying, you start to slow down.
  • Courage is like pennies; seldom used despite the fact that most of us have more than we realize.
  • Time is like wisdom; it's easy to waste too much of it on the wrong people.
  • Music is like food; best taken in large portions, among friends.
  • Irony is like a fine spice; the right dose is genius, but too much reveals a lack of substance.
  • Words are like automobiles; usefully propelling us forward up until they start crowding each other out.
  • Friendship is like a wardrobe; the right combination will always reflect well on us; the wrong combination can ruin an evening; boring people should add to it; shallow people collect it merely for their own vanity.
  • Philosophy is like a map; you have to know how to read it to get anywhere.
  • Love is like art; without passion, it's really only a pretty picture.
  • Religion is like expensive cheese; fine, if you don't mind the taste it leaves in your mouth.
  • Circumstances are like modern art; if you don't know how to look at it, it appears bad even when it's good.
  • Health is like love; the fun is in the chase, but the real benefits come later.
  • Logic is life's secret ingredient; if you don't use it, you'll always be missing something.
  • Family is like a New Year's Eve party; everyone's having a good time whether you're there or not, so you might as well join in the fun.
  • Thoughts are like greeting cards; if you don't share them with others, they're worthless.
  • Life is like a boat; keep your head up and you'll have many great adventures, keep your head down and you'll make yourself sick.
  • Heartache is like eating a bad meal; most of the dissatisfaction comes from thinking about what might have been.
  • Arguments are like silly string; it seems satisfying when you're going at it, but the moment it's over, you realize how much cleaning up there is to do.
  • Trust is like the floor; it's hard to stand on your own two feet without it.
  • Romance is like an expensive sports car; if you spend all your time considering what's practical then you'll never have any fun.
  • Life is like horticulture; anything can be beautiful, if you know what grows where.
  • Love is like money; you have to invest it if you want to make it.

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