Comments "Moderation"

It appears I've reached the tipping point on unmoderated comments. I removed captchas to facilitate comments from a few of my readers, but I soon discovered that those asking for removal of the captchas seldom leave comments.

I'm not reinstating the captchas, but I am requiring that you be logged into some sort of account. This could be a Google, OpenID, or whatever account. I am not ever going to delete your comments, but I am getting literally hundreds of spam messages per day, and having to clear out dozens of them every day. At first, this was not a big issue, but it looks like we've finally reached a "tipping point" for this kind of traffic.

I'm not one for comments moderation, but the robots are a little too much to deal with. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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  1. No worries. This is completely reasonable. The captchas weren't that annoying and being logged in to comment is completely reasonable. Keep up the great writing!