My Response To The Google Reader Thing

As you may have heard, Google is shutting down Google Reader, which is a great feature that I will sorely miss. Much is being made of the hooplah, and people are asking how they will react. I can't solve all of your problems, but I can tell you what I'm going to do.

First, I'm going to scribe to all of my favorite blogs via email.

Second, I'm going to create filters in my Gmail that route each blog-related email to a special Gmail folder titled "blogs."

Voila. In two steps, I've replaced Google Reader without any significant additional work on my part.

UPDATE: I just discovered dozens of perfectly viable RSS readers that are available as add-in applications for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The hubbub surrounding G Reader is a lot sillier than it needs to be.  Microsoft Outlook, of course, already has RSS feed capabilities if you have a full version of the software. There are great options out there.

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