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It's a shame that when Roderick Long submits letters to the editor, they are not published. I found these two both informative and fun to read.

David Friedman surprisingly (and pleasantly) weighs in on "game," and I comment.

But if you're still convinced that a lot of causal intercourse with willing partners is the right thing for you, you might want to think about double-wrapping, because it's a dangerous world out there.

Speaking of awesome things that David Friedman writes, consider this thoughtful post on his own beliefs. Stationary Waves readers will appreciate it as a good contribution to the ongoing theme, pursued on these pages, of understanding and overcoming one's own illusions.

I grew up in Utah, where emotions run high at sporting events, and mask a lot of deep-seeded aggression repressed by the young males of the area. Incidents like this one evoke many a childhood memory.

It occurs to me that saying what amounts to "It didn't happen during a sexual assault, it happened during a Chinese massage" is the kind of argument that begs more questions than it answers.

I cover news around this story occasionally, because I find it fascinating and uplifting. Experts suggest a manned expedition to Mars could be a mere twenty years away. I might still be alive to see it happen. It is a good thing for humankind.


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