The Dumps

As much as we would all like to be happy all the time, from time to time, everyone gets down in the dumps. It is a natural part of life. Perhaps calling it "healthy" is a bit of a stretch, but if it's not healthy, it is at least normal.

There are a lot of things to feel bad about. Maybe the world's political tide isn't going your way. Maybe you haven't achieved everything you hoped you would achieve. Maybe you have made your many attempts at greatness, only to remain as average as the average Joe. Maybe you're under-appreciated for what you are. Maybe you've never had a chance to really prove yourself. Maybe you missed out on a good opportunity. Maybe an act of nature prevented you from ever having an opportunity. Maybe you're just unlucky.

The problem with having a good imagination is that the person who has one can conceive of a virtually infinite array of possibilities - things that could have happened in life, but did not happen; things that could yet happen in life, but do not appear to be getting any closer.

You Made The Whole Thing Up
When you're in the dumps, it's important to remember that the many alternate realities in which you are successful and happy in infinitely many ways exist solely because you invented them. You imagined a false scenario, you made the whole thing up. The point of comparison seems worse because you're really good at thinking up imaginary things that might make you happier than you are now.

So the next time you're feeling down about something, consider the possibility that the alternative and more pleasant scenario might actually be pure fiction. You may have made the whole thing up.

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