Anti-Gnostic has "the bullet points."
1. Not everything unleashed by the Enlightenment was good, hence the "Dark Enlightenment" as a reaction to same.
2. The Cathedral exists as an institutional alliance of Government, Academia and Business to further politically correct dogma and punish heretics. It is, in a real sense, religious and not just ideological.
3. Reality is not what the Cathedral tells us it is.
4. All men are not created equal; people are different in a variety of ways.
5. Democracy is a disaster. When Classical-era Greeks, Gilbert K. Chesterton and the American state's founders praise "democracy," what they are really praising is rule by property-owning men. The universal franchise is a farce and a slow-motion train wreck.
Regular readers do not have to be told that I am not quoting this as an endorsement, but rather very much the opposite.

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