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Simon Grey probably has a better predictive track record than I have. He discusses his 2013 predictions and adds some more for 2014 in this recent post. Interesting throughout.

John Cochrane points out that much of Paul Krugman's blogging amounts to nothing more than name-calling. And, by the way, calling a good economist a "cockroach" just because you disagree with him is beyond the pale. Greg Mankiw adds his two cents and offers a round-up of other recent posts on good-faith discussion in the economics blogosphere.

In a parallel universe, Atlas Shrugged would have entered the public domain yesterday.

Tim's favorite movies. Actually worth reading, despite his claims to the contrary.

Scott Sumner writes his first guest post for EconLog. I'm not thrilled that he's now writing for my favorite economics blogs, but I will use this as an opportunity to give the whole market monetarism thing one last chance.

I agree with Kevin Vallier on the birth control mandate, but I can't help but feel that this point would feel better if it came from someone who did not frequently write about Christian ethics.

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