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Okay, I probably should have just included that Jimmy Kimmel video in this post. But the truth is, I had no idea I was going to write this post until the minute I clicked on the "New Post" button. Sue me.

Science reveals that there is no such thing as ESP. Thanks, science. I had no idea. What's the word on leprechauns?

The biggest surprise is that yoga and supposedly lighter forms of exercise also counted. The researchers don't know why, but they speculate that they help prevent the loss of lean muscle mass or affect how the body uses glucose.
What, you mean giving a hoot is statistically significant? Amazing.

Once again, Kevin Erdmann excoriates the arguments in favor of raising the minimum wage with real-world data. He sums up as follows:
Is there any other issue where the data conforms so strongly to basic economic intuition, and yet is widely written off as a coincidence?
Speaking of minimum wage, Russ Roberts is scratching his head over Paul Krugman's many contradictory assertions. Yes, I get it: "Things are different in a liquidity trap." But just how different are they? Different enough to justify making fun of anyone who wasn't completely sold on the liquidity trap arguments?

In an extremely interesting post, Lubos Motl discusses the limits of scientific falsifiability, i.e. the idea that scientific theories need only be theoretically falsifiable. Example: Suppose I were to assert that there exists a colony of meerkats living on the dark side of the moon. This claim need not actually be falsified in order to be discarded. IQ fans, immigration restrictionists, and people in love with spurious statistical correlations, please take note.

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