The Prince Memorabilia Auction Should Quietly Go Away

Yesterday, my news feed directed me to an article about an upcoming auction of Prince memorabilia. Today, as I was searching for the same article I originally read (the one I just linked), I came across pages and pages of rather predictable salaciousness.

I say "predictable" for two reasons, and only one of those reasons is "because Prince." The other reason, the primary reason, is because the "Prince memorabilia" being auctioned is not just stuff like guitars and costumes (although there is one of each of those things), but specifically memorabilia that pertains to the new-defunct love affair between Prince and Mayte Garcia. This includes an engagement ring, love notes, and fine china used at their wedding.

In short, these are the heartfelt memories of a woman's failed marriage.

My first reaction, as per usual, is to blame Ms. Garcia for making the disposal of her memories such a public event, literally selling them to the highest bidder. Can she not maintain some level of personal dignity and just quietly get rid of these things? My second reaction is, what kind of person would want to purchase someone's sad memories?

Ultimately, these two reactions I have become fused together and express themselves as a profound sadness for everyone touched by this event. This event should not happen, and all I can really feel about it is sadness. The Prince memorabilia auction should quietly go away.

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