The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Suddenly, I find myself with many items on-the-go.

Within the past month, I have undertaken two new music projects. That is, music performance projects. Unlike Ryan Ruins Requests or Insipid Pop Weekend, these projects will be incorporated into a single channel of musical expression, along with my existing progressive rock band, Prime Numbers. The idea here is that there is one Ryan, but multiple media.

Well, like all such projects, there is some danger of letting too much of the cat (or too many cats?) out of the bag. Because there is some work to do before anything is ready to be announced "officially," I am unable to provide more details about these projects than what I already have. Faithful Ryan fans, however, can look forward to finally hearing some real musical diversity from me for the first time. While in the past I have been in direct and virtually complete control of my musical undertakings, these new projects involve a higher degree of collaboration (or indeed hardly any creative control whatsoever).

Sure it sounds like I'm selling out, but I like to think you readers know me better than that...

But What Does It All Mean?
That's the high-level overview, but what are we really talking about here? I'm glad you asked! I'll break it down for you:
  • I will be preparing no less than 22 new songs for performance-ready shape, all during the course of about one month.
  • I will be engaged in a bit of a website re-design, with some host domain implications. That is to say, the blog will soon be more-than-a-blog.
  • As the above item implies, I will be making additional resources and content available to you, the content-hungry public.
  • I will be engaging in more public-facing initiatives. Live music performance certainly counts as one example, but you may soon expect more.
  • Access to existing content should (hopefully) be improved to a significant degree.
  • I will be pretty darn busy.
Despite all that, your Stationary Waves delivery service should remain intact and virtually uninterrupted while all of this occurs. The adverse impact to readers should be minimal; the positive impact will hopefully be maximal!

So, as my to-do list expands, expect your to-read list to expand exponentially. Exciting things are afoot around here, and I absolutely cannot wait to keep you posted. 

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