Let the Idiocy Unfold

As you can imagine (or simply read and read some more), I am no fan of the various "Occupations" going on around the world.

That being said, it would be a serious mistake for any government thug to start nudging the protesters out of the way. The main reason for that is because the occupying mob has no end game, and the sit-in is therefore certain to disperse uneventfully as soon as the weather starts getting prohibitively cold and the national attention span wanes.

The sit-in is self-defeating. If one were truly interested in destroying the Occupy mob, one would simply opt to let it run its course and expose it for the leftist, syndicalist charade that it is. Just like the hippies of the 1960s, today's hippies will ultimately prove to be wholly unstomachable by the general public because the general public does not believe in hateful, resentful class warfare and cheap syndicalist power-grabs. We resisted this crap in the 60s, and we'll do it again if we have to. "Occupy" speaks for no one. The best indicator you have of that is the fact that their whole modus operandi is to profess to be the voice of the majority.

I mean, how many times can the socialists engage in these kinds of cheap antics before people catch on immediately? But anyway...

The statists evidently have a tragically short cognitive time-horizon. They cannot see the mob for the self-defeating herd of cats that it is. So they have instead opted to call out Johnny Long-Arm and engage in pathetic statist spectacles that only serve to legitimize the mob. Here it is slowly imploding in front of their eyes, and they decide to attack. All this, even after watching the world condemn Middle Eastern governments for doing the same (although, clearly not to the same degree). In doing so, the American statists have legitimized the mob's self-comparison to the Arab Spring. Sometimes it's better to let people hang themselves with their own rope, but I wouldn't expect government bureaucrats to understand that.

So now we, the public, are being asked to choose between the statist mob and the statist thugs.

Luckily, we don't have to choose between competing shades of statism. Resist the urge to pick sides. Have the strength to know that the mob and the governments are both wrong. My more cynical side might suggest that all this statist intervention is little more than a ruse to bring the public over to the side of the mob, and grab up some more of our personal liberties, if we have any left, that is. You know, either we favor shutting down the mob (more police government power) or we favor the mob (more government power in the form of economic controls).

There is only one liberty, and it's not a leftist's liberty, nor a rightist's liberty, nor anything else of the sort.

You might call people like you I "the 100%." 


  1. I disagree with your assessment that the occupy mob is nothing more than a "leftist, syndicalist charade". I have heard interviews with people on the ground at these events who seem concerned about liberty and shrinking government. I think their participation in an occupy mob is completely mis-guided, but as someone who is hungry for change, I want to find these people and make them into an effective agent for rational change. The occupy mob, though in many way totally goofy, also showed me that there are other people out there who are ready to step in and get government back on track. Let's find a way to help them know: a. what to do and b. how to do it.

  2. I have seen this stuff way too many times to be duped by it again. The libertarian protesters came out for the original (Ron Paul-led) tea party protests.

    The socialist game is always to try to present leftism as centrism. This has been observed in absolutely, positively *every* socialist policy operation since the days of Marx.

    After so much of this nonsense, I refuse to allow socialists the veneer of centrism. Rightists are crazy, but at least they are open about the fact that they are rightists. Socialism has been duping us under the guise of centrism and reasonableness for two hundred years now. It's time to say enough is enough.

    Mark my words, before this thing plays out completely, they will be revealed as the socialist jokers that they are.