Music As Art

Today, I'd like to add a new feature called "Music As Art."

Part of my own ongoing musical evolution has been my having to confront the uncomfortable fact that rock music is a dead artform. What I mean by that is that there is no longer any hope of the rock genre - or any of its subgenres - providing any additional musical innovation.

Like big band swing music and Romantic-era orchestral music - or impressionism or cubism in visual arts - rock music will continue to be an art form pursued by many. Whereas in the past rock offered musicians a new set of rules through which to innovate, in the present day environment, those rules are no longer new, and consequently offer more restrictions than blank canvasses.

In short, rock as a method of artistic innovation is as dead as its precursors. If musicians wish to be innovative, they will have to innovate outside of a rock music context.

In confronting this fact, I have recently been in pursuit of artists who manage to produce music that is genuinely artistic. That is, the most important feature of the music I've been seeking out is its artistic merit (moreso than, say, the proficiency of the performance, the emotions behind it, and so forth).

What I've been looking for is music that is unapologetically delivered as art. I'd like to start sharing my discoveries with the readers of my blog.

First up is a musical ensemble called Gordion Knot. You can find their music on YouTube here. I have inserted one particularly great piece below.

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