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I have been to exactly zero of the 50 best restaurants in Canada, and only own 10 of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Hendrik Hertzberg doesn't like the fact that Texas has a unique and annoying, in-your-face culture that is altogether different from New York's unique and annoying, in-your-face culture. Amazingly, this article does not appear in The Texan magazine.

David Henderson reminds us that "Capital gains per se are irrelevant." (And he's right.)

The inimitable Sonic Charmer invokes high school algebra, ably demonstrating that election polls are more about propaganda than electoral bookkeeping.

Sandra Tsing Loh so ably captures the unbearable neuroses of Modern Alpha-Female that James Taranto stops reading half-way through and gets the wrong message. (Scroll to the bottom of the WSJ link.)

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