Week 3 Recap: A Day Or Two Late

I missed this over the weekend, because I was a little too busy with other stupid stuff. I know you're all waiting with baited breath, so here it is...

Where I Am, Week 21:
  • Weight: 150.0 lbs.
  • Estimated Body Fat: 15.7%
  • Estimated Bone Mass: 7.9%
  • Estimated Water Mass: 61.5%
  • Average of All BG Readings (Last 7 Days): 8.7 mmol/L
Clearly, the big news this week is my plummeting blood glucose readings. BG variability (standard deviation) is also down significantly this week. One reason for this is that there were no bizarre outliers (~18 or 19 mmol/L) at all this week. Another reason is that I increased my daily Lantus intake from 12 to 13 International Units (IU). That decision came after I consulted with my diabetes nurse and dietician. They were considering splitting my basal dose because I seem to have no insulin in my system by the late afternoon. Taking a split dose of basal insulin, though, would greatly complicate my workouts, and my dietician (also an avid runner) didn't want to see that happen. 

Well, I'm pleased with the results, and I think I'll stay on 13 units for a while. 

Workout-wise, I'm getting back into the groove of heavy training again. I need to take my speed days a little more seriously, because I feel as though my legs are getting a little sluggish. Plyometrics will also be important here. 

All in all, not a bad place to be a Week #3!

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