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Wired, of all magazines, covers the changing definitions in martial language, and their impact on the safety and security of accused Americans.

CBC offers some "unclear" news regarding TV time versus sperm count. My theory is that sedentary men have diminished levels of testosterone as compared to active males. What's yours?

Home prices seem to be heading up again. While, yes, it might be a new mini-bubble, it nonetheless appears that the time to buy may be winding to a close. Ironic that most people are just now coming around to the idea that they might want to invest in a home again. What did I just say?

It would appear that decades of casual sex and drug use are finally catching up to the Me-Generation. I guess all those out-moded social mores that the Boomers had to break down actually served some purpose after all? Nah, keep doing drugs and screwing like minks. It's just more MSM lies, right?

Two high school students must play tug-of-war a lot differently than I do...

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