What Direction Are We Heading?

I am happy to know that - at the very minimum - I am not the only one who has the very uneasy feeling that American society is progressing in the wrong direction.

Over at Spootville, Tim asks, "Why Do You Watch The News?"
There could be a concentration camp in this country.  Maybe if there is we will hear about it, maybe we won't.  Do you think that the media would report anything of the sort if it had a direct link to our President?

If our President shot a republican, would the media claim that the president should be removed from office, or would they claim that the republican had it coming?
It all reminds me of a conversation I once had with good friend and faithful Stationary Waves reader TR, about life in the former Soviet Union. TR told me that people were curious about what was going on within the country, that much of the protests and the desire to change things in the government came - not from an ideological desire to overthrow communism and replace it with capitalism - but rather a simple desire to know WTF was going on out there. Could they trust the government numbers? Could they trust the news? They heard the stories, but what was really happening?

Meanwhile, Oscar Pistorius is being prosecuted for murder while the lead investigator building the case against Pistorius "has been replaced after it was revealed that he himself faces murder charges." Correction: Make that seven counts of attempted murder, including opening fire at a tour bus. Botha - the investigator and alleged murderer - has been replaced a day after falsely stating that he had discovered steroids in Pistorius' home, and admitting that the police possessed absolutely no evidence contradicting Pistorius' account of the night in question.

Now, I have no idea who is guilty and who is innocent in this vain charade. But as the details of the case against Pistorius have emerged over the last few days, I have found myself in the dubious position of not believing the police investigators at all.

Why not? Because police officers right here in the United States shot up a large chunk of the West Coast in pursuit of a man who they eventually burned alive; no evidence, no case, no trial. The police tell us that Dorner murdered other people. They then launched a small army of police officers and some unmanned drones to hunt Dorner down and kill him.

I ask you, which is more terrifying: An accused murderer on the run, or an army of police officers who can unleash hellfire and fury, and killer drones, hunt a man down, and kill him in cold blood without a fair trial?

There are those of you who will certainly suggest that the LAPD would never have done this if they did not have adequate evidence against Dorner. You will claim that the LAPD would never lie about such a thing. How horribly naive you are.

The media's stunning silence on the failures of the state are one item on the list. The murderous police state that can do anything it pleases is another item on the list. The occupation of several sovereign Middle Eastern nations is another item on the list.

My friends, I ask you, is this the direction we want to move as a country? Is this the kind of power we want to allow the state to have? Does it honestly fill you with a sense of national pride? Does it make you happy when you stop to think that every four years we elect a man to a position we readily describe as, and believe to be, "the most powerful man in the world?"

It is a mark of true cowardice to watch these events pass by and say nothing. How despicable, then, is it to make excuses for what the state has become, and how low to actually voice support for such madness? Wake up, America.

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