This morning on Facebook, David Henderson gave us a pointer to his recent appearance in a Wall Street Journal video, discussing the draft. It's great, you can see the video here:

(I may be having trouble embedding the video, so try this link.)

His piece starts at around the 6:56 mark.

I commented that I thought he did a great job of communicating his ideas and being persuasive. That's one of the things I really love about David Henderson - I think he is a truly superb communicator. His advice for me? Practice!

I think that's great advice, so now I am mulling over the idea of putting together some sort of podcast or YouTube thing, where I try to make short, concise arguments for something. If effective, I should start to see real progress in my ability to communicate.

And besides: videos!

So here's hoping I can make that happen. Keep me honest! If you don't see one of these videos soon, please bug me about it. I want to be a better communicator.

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