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Sometimes I am really impressed by how thorough Kevin Erdmann is in his blog posts. Other times, I am absolutely blown away. This post reflects the latter. Well done, Kevin. (And a follow-up.)

The Last Psychiatrist on The Hunger Games: Here, here, and here (in chronological order). In short, he doesn't like the stories, and you probably shouldn't either. Steve Horwitz and Robert Murphy and Jeffrey Tucker should probably pay attention to what TLP has written here.

If that doesn't give you a grim perspective of where society is headed, here is a weird story about a woman who shared her family tragedy with Twitter.

David Henderson reignites a debate about a two-year-old Jason Brennan blog post. (Just keep following the links to get the whole story.)

The weird thing about stories like these is that the atrocity is obvious, and yet the government officials still keep hand-waving it away as though it were no big deal. This says to me that they simply do not understand that what they are doing is wrong. To advance the dialogue, we should start discussing why this kind of spying is a moral outrage. Perhaps I shall write a future post about that very topic.

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