Workout Of The Day

The problem with these posts is that they wear a little thin after a while. The truth is, I'm not actively working on any new workout ideas, so it's becoming a challenge to maintain this feature of the blog.

I can tell you that I'm placing a greater emphasis on cardiovascular exercise these days. I can tell you that I learned a lot from both my foray into body-building last year and the subsequent development of 8W. I can tell you that, every day, I go to the gym hoping to apply my knowledge to a new workout.

But it's colder outside these days, so I haven't been able to run as reliably as before. I've still been getting in some great cardio routines, but what I want to do is run. More on that in a subsequent post.

At any rate, each day I head into the gym with a general sketch of what sorts of things I'd like to do. Today is Monday, which tends to be a triceps day; but today, I feel that my lower back needs strengthening, so I'll probably make it a back-and-abs day. Then I'll do the toughest cardio workout I can muster.

As to the specifics, I can't really say. I'll have to see what happens when I get there.

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