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Let me attempt a humorous paraphrase of this recent post from Stephen Williamson: We are all saltwater economists now, even those of us reviled by saltwater economists.

Michael Munger was so-so in Part I, excellent in Part II, and - at least in my opinion - somewhat dangerous in Part III. Specifically, Munger wants us to question what a "truly voluntary" voluntary exchange is. This is destined to devolve into the same kind of philosophical mish-mash produced by discussions of free will. If by "voluntary" we mean bereft of any influence from circumstance, then "voluntary" no longer means what any of us think it means. In short, no, it's not a good point Mr. Munger. At least, not this time.

David Henderson makes an excellent point, as usual. This time, it's on immigration.

News you can use: If you're going to be a dissident, it helps to be an attractive young woman. I actually wonder if there's something to this, because after all Edward Snowden is relatively free, while Julian Assange is effectively under house arrest.

This is a few days old now, but I thought this was a reasonable and balanced look at the paleo dieting fad.

65% of Americans hate ObamaCare. Think about it. With support like that, we could actually pass a constitutional amendment against it.

A 47-year-old woman ran 86 hours straight, with no sleep. And people whine about how they're too tired to get up in the morning for an easy morning run. The human body can do more than you think it can.

What a nightmare: Two pro-life issues in a single case. I do not envy this poor man.

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