Fitness Experiments #2.2

So two rather significant workouts in one day lead to multiple mild blood sugar lows today. If you're diabetic like me, you should remember to back off on the long-acting insulin when you make significant increases to your daily training regimen.

I'm no doctor, so make sure you consult with yours. What I can tell you about is my own personal experience, which is this: Mealtime insulin seems to behave more or less the same way. What's changed is the fact that I feel like I have too much long-acting insulin on board. If you end up in the same boat I'm in today, then watch yourself very carefully.

For example, I woke up on time and ready to work out this morning, but promptly went hypoglycemic (mildly). Going for a run this morning would have been pretty stupid, so I skipped it, ate a predictable breakfast, and went about my day as usual.

This afternoon, I plan on doing last week's back/bicep workout (see Fitness Experiments #2), only in reverse, similar to what I did yesterday. But the fact of the matter is that I've trained pretty hard the last few days and I'm not going to push myself ultra licitum just for the thrill of it. If I feel a little unwell, I'll half my workout and get some food.

I do intend to workout twice tomorrow, but I will reduce my Lantus dose accordingly.

Be safe out there.

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