Hello, My Israeli Readers

My blog stats indicate that I received over 1,000 hits from Israel yesterday, mostly from readers running Windows operating systems and browsing via Google Chrome.

Stationary Waves does not often receive that kind of web traffic, and especially not from Israel. Occasionally, some of my album reviews get "tweeted" by the artists I review, resulting in a few hundred extra cite visits. My product reviews of my Chinese-manufactured track bike, the Windsor Clockwork, have remained popular among my Chinese audience ever since I wrote them.

But never have I received 1,000 hits all at once, over the span of an hour. And never from Israel.

Oddly enough, they do not seem to have been drawn to any one, particular blog post. It seems to have been 1,000 hits of random, curious web traffic.

Hello, Israeli readers. Please leave a comment and introduce yourselves. I'd love to get to know you better.

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