YouTube Round-Up

Extreme plays "Kid Ego" live at the Monsters of Rock Festival in England, 1994. I'll never understand how Nuno can make such a trebly tone sound so heavy. And here is amazing footage of them writing "Rest In Peace."

Speaking of Gary Cherone, here's a band of big names pretending to be The Who.

I live for lost treasures like this. Here's a full-concert bootleg from a 1978 Rush concert in Tuscon, Arizona. Two hours of vintage Rush at the peak of their art-rock phase. And it sounds fantastic.

Here's a vintage clip of Huey Lewis & The News, circa 1984.

A version of "Sofa #1" I had never heard before. Interesting acoustic guitar over-dubs throughout. One thing I've always loved about this piece is how many "Zappa-isms" are condensed into such a short and easily accessible piece of music.

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