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I have a theory that almost everyone who is a Roy Orbison fan is a good person. Roderick T. Long is apparently a Roy Orbison fan. Assume my theory is true and complete the syllogism.

Nick Rowe asks a good question about r and g.

This new (actually "re-branded") economics blog promises to be... promising. Some of you may remember one of the authors from previous Stationary Waves installments of "Some Links." Case in point.

Williamson is skeptical of Piketty. But, more importantly, Williamson has redesigned his blog!

We can now manufacture beta cells by cloning DNA.

Speculative, but interesting: Magic Johnson may buy the L.A. Clippers. When he announced his HIV infection, I remember thinking that he was basically dead. I also remember feeling a sense of stigma surrounding him. I feel neither now that I am a grown man. It would be cool to see him own a team.

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