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Bryan Caplan encourages economists to learn from other disciplines.

Kurt Schuler admonishes anonymous bloggers and commenters. I fully endorse this position. As much as The Anonymous Reach accuses Bryan Caplan of being "one of the most intellectually-dishonest [sic] people," at least Caplan signs his name to his opinion. How truly dishonest it is to accuse others of being dishonest (calling them liars) or even autistic while refusing to sign your name to your accusations! Shame on Reach and others like him.

Greg Mankiw amusingly tells us how to improve on time estimates made by research assistants.

Via Robert Murphy, Stephan Kinsella highlights an excellent class-action blackmail opportunity that exists now that ObamaCare has gone into effect. Perverse incentives indeed.

Lubos Motl shows (with data) that the recent typhoon you've been reading about - while truly a natural disaster - is not as aberrational as the media would have you believe.

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