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George Selgin is brilliant, as usual, on monetary policy. (UPDATE: Man, Selgin is absolutely on fire!)

Research reveals that children are less physically fit than their parents were at the same age.

Steven Landsburg demonstrates that virtually every argument for welfare-increases-via-tax-increases relies on a magic genie. (There's no such thing as a free lunch.) Well, Landsburg takes this as an opportunity for a teachable moment; Donald Boudreaux is a bit more caustic (but equally funny).

Mmm... delicious cock ale...

You may have read today's news that eating nuts extends longevity. When has Harvard research ever gotten anything wrong? Before you start equivocating every glass of beer with a bowl of nuts, though, you might want to read what Lubos Motl has to say about it.

Speaking of health "studies" that serve no other purpose than to reaffirm society's unrelated-to-health preferences for foodstuffs, here's yet another claim that coffee is a health food. (For the record: No, it's not. Sure is tasty, though!)

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