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I am typically reticent to link to Anti-Gnostic, but you have to admit that he has a point when he says (emphasis mine):
[I]f the judiciary is having to pass constitutional muster on such narrow, arcane items [as mandatory coverage of birth control], then rational public policy debate is not happening, and the people are effectively conceding their incapacity for self-governance.
While I'm not a fan of the racial undertones of this Simon Grey post, I think his overarching point - that people are afraid to defend themselves - is important to note in a time of rampant government overreach.

Not every tragedy is avoidable, of course, but it still seems like somewhat of an injustice when society's brightest minds are extinguished at their own hand. A terrible loss indeed.

You probably already know by now that if you're planning on traveling for the holidays, Gaia may have other plans.

I honestly don't know what to make of this story of a Hollywood producer who has admitted to being a spy for the Israeli government. So many questions: Is he telling the truth? What might his motives be if he is lying? What if he's telling the truth? Why would he do it? Why would he admit to it now? What is the point?

Here's an interesting story of media hypocrisy. Note how even at The L.A. Times this article is buried in the "entertainment" section. Of course, CBS News seems to be wrong more often than it's right, but when have you ever heard of a reporter being forced to take a leave of absence for having expressed a leftist prior to preparing a news story with an obvious leftist bent? Never, right? But if you take the not-leftist stance...
CBS also faulted the 42-year-old Logan for having a conflict of interest in covering the story, since she was already on record as accusing the U.S. government of lying about the attack. In doing so, she had leaped into the political fray along with many conservative critics who had accused the Obama administration of covering up details of the attack and the role of Al Qaeda.
Oh, well. She can always get a job at Fox News, am I right?

I'm calling it right now: We are going to start seeing Plan B over-doses.

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