Workout Of The Day

It's got to be cardio today, and hopefully that means running.

I say "hopefully" because it appears that winter has finally hit the metroplex and when it's cold outside, I feel reluctant to run.

I say "cold" beccause, by local standards, it is cold. But, in fact, it's above freezing, there is no snow on the ground, there are few clouds in the sky, the sun is shining, and it generally looks like a beautiful November day out there.

I say "few clouds in the sky" because - although I cannot see a single cloud from my current vantage point - the sky is so large in Texas that if you are able to get an unobstructed, 360-degree view of it, you're always sure to see some kind of cloud, somewhere, even if off in the most-distant distance.

I say "360-degree view" despite the fact that what I am actually describing is a hemispherical view, which requires three-dimensional, not two-dimensional, terminology, but it is sometimes more intuitive to describe things in familiar as opposed to precise language.

So yeah... anyway... go for a run today.

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