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So, now that I've wrapped up my 8W thing, I figure I should move on to the next big thing. For now, I don't really have a workout "plan," per se. But publishing daily workouts on my blog was good for my hit counts, and it was also very convenient for me in that I did not have to write my workout down before heading to the gym; I could just check my workout on my mobile phone on my way in. Thus, I think it will prove productive to keep posting daily workouts.

But before I get to that, it's only fair to make clear what my over-arching objective is with my workouts for the next little while.

As I think I mentioned before, I undertook the 8W thing to get in shape for an upcoming vacation. Well, I'm still a few weeks away from said vacation. There is enough time between now and then that I can't just rest on my laurels, get a daily run in, and chill out. I've also completed what was essentially a "cutting phase." Considering that, I think it's best to work on building some more muscle.

And, regarding muscle mass, I would like to focus on workouts that will improve my posture and rebuild some of the muscle mass I lost during my cut. That means: lots of abdominal work, lots of work on back muscles, chest and shoulder work, and some balancing exercises. To achieve this, I think I'll swap out some of the plyometric work I've been doing lately and replace it with balancing exercises, Bosu work, etc. There are also some exercises that I enjoy a lot, but that I have not had the opportunity to do a lot of lately (push-ups, for example), so I'd also like to focus on doing exercises that are fun for me.

Finally, I've built up quite an encyclopedia of workouts lately. I will be drawing heavily from those exercises in order to avoid having to reinvent the wheel every day. I'm also going to take a standard approach to strength training in that I'll be focusing on particular muscle groups on particular days. (But I will be incorporating combination movements where possible.)

Okay, that's the approach. Now, without further ado, here's today's workout.

First, do each super-set three times:
  • 15 x Push-ups with feet on a medicine ball / 15 x cable chest press
  • 15 x push-ups with one hand on a medicine ball, roll to the other hand between each / 15 x cable crossovers
  • 15 x one-legged push-ups on an inverted Bosu, jump to switch legs between each / 15 x incline press
Then, do this:
  • 4-5 mile run

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