Workout Of The Day

Friday is a good day to take all the pressure out of your daily workout. By now, we are typically so tired from a week of work, responsibilities, workouts, effort that we simply cannot wait for the weekend to begin. It's no surprise that whenever I go to the gym on a Friday afternoon, the place is absolutely dead.

It sure is tempting to just forget about workout out entirely, pack up after work, and head straight to the latest fun-spot. No one will judge you too harshly today if that is exactly what you choose to do.

That said, some of us still like to feel like we've accomplished something physical, even on our lazy days. So why not embrace the comparatively low levels of ambition and just go with it? Head out for a nice bike ride, or a light run through the park. Do your favorite lifts at the gym. Maybe take your things with you so you can head straight to dinner afterward. Work your workout into your weekend plans.

For my part, I'm going to go on a nice, easy run.

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