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Today will be my third consecutive day of running. I also ran pretty fast yesterday in a new pair of shoes and went to the gym. Add it all up and what do you get? You get what I like to call "Day 3 Disease." Day 3 Disease is something anyone who works out regularly is very familiar with. On the third consecutive day of exercise, one always feels a little more tired. The week's routine hasn't quite settled in with you yet, but you've still managed to do some good exercise, so you have every incentive to just take a day off. After all, if you work out for the rest of the week, you'll still be pretty good, right?

It's important to get over the Day 3 hump if for no other reason than the much-needed psychological victory it entails. After all, if you can't convince yourself to get a simple workout in on Day 3, how are you going to dig deep in the middle of a race? How are you going to find it within your heart to beat that personal best or rise to meet that challenge you've been trying to get in shape for in the first place?

It is absolutely vital to overcome Day 3 Disease. Do anything. If you can't do your scheduled workout, then do some cross-training, or take it a little easier at the gym, or go to a fitness class or something. Take a bike ride instead of killing yourself. Any of this will be better than succumbing to Day 3 Disease.

Of course, it will be even better for you if you can find it within yourself to get a really great workout in.

Today, I'm trying to keep my mileage consistent and maybe build on my endurance base. So today's scheduled workout is another 40-minute run.

I plan on enjoying it. But if I end up having a bad day at work and feel like quitting, I'm going to make sure I do something because I don't want to fall victim to Day 3 Disease.

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