Workout Of The Day

I still have some nagging tendonitis, but I'm almost back to 100%. One thing I've learned about tendonitis is that you should not mess with it, even when you feel as though you are 95%. If you can still feel it, you're better off letting it continue to heal.

That poses a bit of a workout dilemma for me today, since I did a hefty upper body resistance workout yesterday, and I don't have any cardio training options that don't involve major use of my knee. What to do?

I know that I should get between 30 and 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise today. I may give the bicycle a try, if it's not raining. That may be my best option today. In the meantime, I suppose I will make sure to take the stairs and go for a couple of walks during my breaks at work today. I don't have many more options than that, I suppose.

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