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Would you rather be sad human or a happy pig? Some economics professors would choose the pig option.

Sonic Charmer insults gays and people with down syndrome in one fell swoop. He also misses the plot. They've chosen "pride" as a contrast to the "shame" they are made to feel when interacting with those who bid them ill.

Simon Grey provides the first real contribution to the anti-immigration position I have seen in a long time. I would quibble with him a bit regarding the application of property ownership. But it suddenly occurs to me that one's opinion on immigration might be predicted by the extent to which one feels sympathy for the troll who was bested by the three billy goats gruff. Both of these ought to be fodder for forthcoming Stationary Waves posts. And then, just when he's got me convinced that it's a property rights issue, he says, "So if it seems as if man was not designed to be part of a monocultural melting pot of diversity, you just might be on to something." So it is about culture after all?

I don't necessarily disagree with the verdict, it just seems to me that no nation will ever progress if it doesn't stop fighting the same battles it fought in the 60s and 70s. No, I'm not talking about George Zimmerman, I'm talking about Ghulam Azam.

I first came across the claim that spanking during childhood causes health problems in adulthood in a Stephan Molyneaux video. (Sorry - no link to that.) Now Canadian researchers show correlation. I wonder how this jives with the fact that heart disease and obesity are at all-time historical highs, while spanking is at an all-time historical low?

Is the real health care crisis a bedside manner crisis?

The doctrine of preemptive strikes infects the US criminal justice system

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