Some Links

Lots of excellent stuff out there in the blogosphere today. Here are a few things that have been making my brain tingle.

Stephen Williamson destroys - and I mean destroys - Paul Krugman's economics.

Jason Brennan dispenses with the myth that Wal-Mart is "subsidized by government" because its employees draw food stamps.

Alex Tabarrok alerts us to a private property legal battle that may have flown under your radar. (It certainly flew under mine.)

XKCD skewers the impact of social media.

George Selgin says everything I did not realize that I wanted to say about libertarianism and why he doesn't consider himself a member.

Tom Woods competes for the BHLs' readership, but he's fighting a losing battle because he's not coming down hard on pro-Confederate racists. (Now do you see what I mean?)

Becky Hargrove makes her first appearance on a list of Stationary Waves links with a fascinating exposition on how the value of consumer goods is changing right in front of our eyes.

Art Carden explains why we are never running out of oil.

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