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Chateau Heartiste links to someone who takes issue with the open borders concept. Behold, a white supremacist pile-on:
[A]lthough open borders to the world’s riff-raff may bring short-term proximate benefits like cheap strawberries, it also brings longer-term costs in the form of sacrificing ultimate interests, like one’s ethnic genetic continuity.
The more that immigration's opponents make themselves sound like the KKK, the easier it is to make the case for open borders. (Elsewhere, CH is encouraging his readers to insult rather than compliment insecure girls in order to procure sex from them. Class act all the way through!)

Peter Boettke reveals that it is entirely possible to engage in civil debate with one's political "adversaries." I use the term adversary loosely, because a better name for them is "fellow countrymen."

Alex Tabarrok provides some insight into what happens when countries liberalize their economies.

RIP, George Duke. We miss you already.


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