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Remember when The Anonymous Reach wrote a bad Friends screenplay in which he compared all immigrants to rapists and murderers and then I called him out on it? Something must have stuck, because he has now dispensed of the bad fiction and is going straight to the real-world comparison. (Oh well, what can you expect from a guy who takes his movie opinion cues from Steve Sailer?)

Steven Landsburg is razor-sharp on solar panels.

Jonathan Finegold-Catalan has this whole Hayek-Keynes-Monetarist thing straight as far as I can see (even moreso than Boudreaux and White and the others), but I may be biased because I almost always agree with him.

I thought Bradley Manning had Stockholm Syndrome when I first started reading this article, but by the end it is clear that all that happened is that his spirit has been completely broken. But a man with the strength of character to do what he did is sure to make a comeback. Romeo Dallaire did, after all.

In a fine display of progressive values, the Seattle Police Department opts to feed tortilla chips to stoners rather than, you know, give cans of soup to the homeless or something.

Here's an interesting question: Is a computer program that scans email for keywords in order to deliver individualized advertising a violation of privacy?

I would take this study with a grain of salt if I were you, but I link to it because it highlights the importance to physical fitness of a lengthy cognitive time-horizon.

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